Her friend says now Raman is staying happy with Ishita and got over you. He says Ruhi saw me doing such mistake and I fell in her eyes. Raman and Ishita have some romantic moments. Raman says I will have it, you eat or me, its the same. Ishita asks her to stay. He says I want to tell something to Ishita in Tamil, if there is any mistake, correct me. Sign in Recover your password. Shagun says shut up, you proved that Ishita is important to you than Adi.

Raman asks are you fine. Vandu says calm down. Vandu says till now I have never thanked her, but today I want to thank her. Bhalla doubts why did she come. Ishita says he does not want to take me. Mihir says we have bidding, we need his voice.

He says I have to talk to you. He repeats his love confession. Ishita pushes Raman and says how dare you touch me. Khinjwa 24th Apr – 2: Both then look at Ruhi and smile.

She says study well, all the best. Simmi smiles and leaves.

Title song plays in the background. Bhalla says everyone are eating and I m seeing their faces. Raman grabs her with that cloth and hugs her tightly from behind. Ruhi says my Papa is the topic. Bhalla, Simmi laugh hearing this and Shagun gets yeh hai mohabbatein written episode 2 april 2014. Raman feels proud of her and smiles. Sarika says I should go home now, its already late. Ashok says as everyone knows, I feel happy expanding my business, Mohabbateon was impressed episoode the holi event.

She says I will come. Paanch 9th April Written Episode Update. He says I m helplessly asking you. Raman says get lost from here. Ashok says, you still went there without telling me.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th April Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Bala says yes, this is the problem. Uttaran 1st April Written Episode Update. Mihir says dogs are loyal. Ishita meets Amma and Vandu. Amma comes to her and looks at her angrily. Ruhi comes to sleep with them tonight and says I will sleep with my parents just like kids sleep in tv with Mumma and Papa. Amma laughs and asks why batter, I will make it for you.

Mihir asks Raman to yeh hai mohabbatein written episode 2 april 2014 please to her.

Raman says did I pass or fail. Page 1 of 1. Ishita says no, she is not alone, we will help her.

Ruhi says we will buy new dress tomorrow. Ishita introduces Sarika to Parmeet and Simmi saying she is my new receptionist. She asks her to say her elocution speech. Raman tells Ishita that he loves her.

Ishita and Ruhi reach home. He says I should teach them being their father but Ruhi taught me today that hatred can be won only by love. He says Ishita and Raman are here. Amma says yes, what can we do now. Rumi drops Mihika to her office. She says my brother and Raman found a perfect match for me, he is so shy. Trisha says she is not used to sleep alone and requests her to yeh hai mohabbatein written episode 2 april 2014 her sleep there.

Raman thinks about Mihir saying about Trisha and asks Amma to keep someone as paying guest. Rumi gets that professor and asks whats all this. Ishita asks Raman why all this, do i have to apologize to someone. Ruhi says no, my Papa is the best. Amma and Appa are happily shocked. apri

Ruhi asks Raman is your voice go, how will you talk to me now, by writing? It starts raining and Raman hugs her shocking her. Parmeet says I will drop you.

Last updated Apr 4, She says she came to take the keys of my clinic. He says I will see after my exams. Raman unties his epislde and follows her with that cloth.

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