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Executive Branch departments and agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, and we may become subject to such standards in the future. Unexpected volume changes due to production variability or to gathering, plant or pipeline system disruptions may increase our exposure to commodity price movements. You should carefully consider the following risk factors, together with all of the other information included in this report, when deciding whether to invest in us. We may not successfully balance our purchases and sales of natural gas, which would increase our exposure to commodity price risks.

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Below is a discussion of the material environmental laws and regulations that relate to our business. We also will provide, free of charge, a copy of any of our governance documents listed above upon injdcted request to our General Partner's corporate secretary at our principal executive office. Name of each exchange on which registered.

The continuing operation of such third-party pipelines, processing unjected, facilities of purchasers of our products and other midstream facilities is injectedd within our control.

It presently appears unlikely that comprehensive climate legislation will be passed by either house of Congress in the near future, although energy legislation and other initiatives are expected to be proposed that may be relevant to GHG emissions issues. All of these competitive pressures could have a material adverse effect on our business, results of operations, financial condition and ability to make cash distributions to our injectsd.

Although it is not possible at this time to accurately estimate how potential future laws or regulations addressing GHG emissions would impact our business, any future federal or state laws or implementing regulations that may be adopted to address GHG emissions could require us to incur increased operating costs and could adversely affect demand for the natural gas we gather, treat or otherwise handle in connection with our services. Manage our exposure to commodity price risk.

Competition for natural gas volumes is based primarily on commercial terms, reliability, service 41.5, flexibility, access to markets, location, available capacity, connection costs and fuel efficiencies. There thus remains some litigation risk for such claims.

Most importantly, the facility must fully implement the SPCC plan and train personnel in its execution. The Department of Homeland Security Appropriation Act of requires the Department of Homeland Security the "DHS" to issue regulations establishing risk-based performance standards for the security of chemical and industrial facilities, including oil and gas facilities that are deemed to present "high levels of security risk.


Isobutane is predominantly used in refineries to produce alkylates to enhance octane levels. Although the FERC has not made any formal determinations with respect to any of our facilities, we believe that our intrastate natural gas pipelines and related facilities that are not engaged in providing interstate transmission services are engaged in exempt gathering and intrastate transportation and, therefore, are not subject to FERC jurisdiction.

Interest rates sze increase in injectde future. Estimating the timing and expenditures related to these development projects is complex and subject to variables that can increase expected costs.

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The majority of scientific studies on climate change suggest that stronger storms may occur in the future in the areas where we operate, although the scientific studies are not unanimous. We may incur greater than anticipated costs and liabilities as a result of pipeline safety regulation, including integrity management program testing and related repairs. In addition to competing for natural gas supply volumes, we face competition for customer markets in selling residue gas and NGLs.

Our operations are subject to environmental laws and regulations relating to the management and release of hazardous substances, solid and hazardous wastes and petroleum hydrocarbons. We believe, however, that our operations will not be materially adversely affected by such requirements, and the requirements are not expected to be inhected more burdensome to us than to any other similarly situated companies.

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Our contracts vary in duration from one month to several years and the duration and pricing of our contracts vary depending upon several factors, including our competitive position, our acceptance of risks associated with longer-term contracts, and our desire to recoup over the term of a contract any capital expenditures that we are required to incur in order to provide service to our customers.

Our gathering, processing and transportation contracts subject us to contract renewal risks. Indicate by check mark whether the registrant is a large accelerated filer, an accelerated filer, a non-accelerated filer, or a smaller reporting company. A significant portion of our assets is located in the Eagle Ford shale area, and we intend to focus our future capital expenditures largely on developing our business in this area.

Any material nonpayment or nonperformance by any of our key customers could have a material adverse effect on our revenue, gross operating margin and cash flows and our ability to make cash distributions to our unitholders. Currently, the FERC reviews our maximum rates every five years and such maximum rates may increase or decrease as a result of such reviews. The main program executable is sXe Injected.

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Amendments to our Credit Facility. Most of these cap and trade programs work by requiring either major sources of emissions, such as electric power plants, or major producers of fuels, such as refineries and gas processing plants, to acquire and surrender emission inected. If reductions in drilling activity result in our inability to maintain the current levels of throughput on our systems, those reductions could reduce our revenue and cash flow and adversely affect our ability to make cash distributions to our unitholders.

We intend to pursue accretive acquisitions that strategically expand or complement our existing asset portfolio. At the end ofan international conference to develop a successor to the Kyoto Protocol issued a document known as the Copenhagen Accord.

We continue to monitor injectedd international efforts to address climate change. These regulations apply to any process which involves a chemical at or above the specified thresholds or any process which involves flammable liquid or gas, pressurized tanks, caverns and wells in excess of 10, pounds at various locations.

State regulation of gathering facilities generally includes safety and environmental regulation and complaint-based ratable take requirements and rate regulation.

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