Later, when they hear that London has dropped her purse with a thousand dollars in Suite , Maddie, London, Zack, and Cody all run up to get it. After losing her science tutor, London asks and pays Cody to help her with her project. When Tippy is about to be sent off to a lumberjack’s mill, Zack and Cody have to hide it until they can convince Mr. When Zack and Cody take Jessica and Janice to the movies watching a horror movie, which their mother has told them not to see, Zack starts to sleepwalk and piles furniture against the hotel door in the lobby. Brenda Song as London Tipton Note: Cody writes an eighteen page letter to convince city hall not to pave the park, but they don’t listen. Monique Coleman as Mary Margaret.

Instead of preparing for the challenge, Zack and Cody are goofing off at a party with London and Nia. London changes the look of the hotel to bring good luck with the art of Feng Shui , but the arrangement causes more trouble than good. Cody does all the work, and Zack does all the credit. Adrian R’Mante as Esteban. Later in season two, Corrie Vanessa Hudgens and Leslie Kaycee Stroh were added to the minor cast, with London also attending the school in season two. Moseby jumping through a hoop like a dog, Maddie and London performing a ventriloquist act, and London spinning plates. This gives the construction workers reason to not pave it over.

Meanwhile, Maddie tries to get London to wear Raven’s dress but London doesn’t want to wear it, as it was not made by someone famous. He is very rich and they do not really like each other much. Archived from the original on December 28, They are overjoyed, but Maddie gets in trouble the suite life of zack and cody season 2 episode 40 the recorder in the doll plays a message of her insulting Sister Dominic. Maddie requires Zack and Cody’s help to run a day care center.

Zack and Cody both run in a school electionand London and Maddie take sides: Zack and Cody are sent to a parallel universe that’s full of fun—but how much is too much? November 27, AUS: When Zack and Cody visit the park, they find out it is being cordoned off.

Moseby as their leader. Zack tries out for the high school basketball team but realizes there’s some stiff competition, the kind he didn’t face in middle school, and worse yet, the giant, in-your-face Coach Little Michael Sezson Duncan. Every employee at the Tipton is required to take a cholesterol test, and Mr.

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Cody produces Yay Me! Esteban tries to get citizenship in the United Sack. Moseby in hopes of winning. Zack and Cody wish on a shooting star and get super powers, and now have to defeat evil Mr. Meanwhile, Cody signs up for an advanced Calculus Math Class covering tables, Conversion and Convergences, but no one, even the teacher, shows up. Cody tries to get Chef Paolo to eat healthily after bacon bits were found in his blood after the cholesterol test.

He enlists ZackCodyand several others to compete in a ballroom dance competition. The guy is London’s old boyfriend and lice still likes him. Meanwhile, Lance dumps London and she wants to find a way to get back with him.

Zack and Cody try to help him.

July 2, [42]. That is, until London returns.

Zack has to work backstage for detention and Cody gets the part of Troy. After a mother hawk is scared away from a suite’s balcony, Cody takes care of its egg. Meanwhile, Zack and Cody argue over who gets to “borrow” their new friend, Travis, to help them score dates.

Esteban is accused of a jewelry theft after someone’s jewelry was stolen. But when he gets a D on the assignment, they confront his teacher. London opens her own store and hires Maddie to be in it, but London keeps on insulting the guests and ruining business. Taking Over The Tipton”. Cody thinks that his girlfriend is interested in a Russian violin prodigy, so he dumps her, but then realizes he wants her back. But, Maddie is arrested since the bill was a fake, Esteban’s parents go bankrupt, and Moseby’s “exotic vehicle” is a bike.

Not So Suite Cody bumps the suite life of zack and cody season 2 episode 40 a girl named Rebecca and finds that he likes her and accidentally enters the pageant trying to follow.

the suite life of zack and cody season 2 episode 40 London sees that her rival got in the newspaper for doing community service, so London brings the paparazzi with her to show off herself doing community service. Archived from the original on September 4, Sister Dominick also always comes in at the wrong time when London is faking work and Maddie and her friends were pushed out of the way by London, all the credit to London while Maddie, Thd, and Mary—Margaret are the ones doing ALL the work, and Maddie becomes infuriated as a result.

Mark hotel, so Arwin has to fill in for him, regardless of a bowling accident that he experienced years ago.

List of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody episodes

Farm —14 So Random! Maddie then agrees to dance with Zack. Tipton is financing the director’s play “Floss” on Broadway. London starts a rumor about Maddie and Lance that angers Maddie, eventually leading her into accidentally beginning a rumor about London that she has real fox fur in her closet. But when the machine breaks and causes total chaos in the suite life of zack and cody season 2 episode 40 store, Cody gets fired, and Zack tries to help Cody get his job back.

On the way, Muriel tells them about the ghost whose name was Irene. Cody dresses up as a fake mummy while Zack goes to get the real one to replace him. At the end, the owner of the phone was an old man, but Maddie takes an interest in the old man’s grandson named Jeffrey. All of the employees at the Tipton try to win Employee of the Month by sabotaging all of the other employees’ stations.

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