I will go back and check episode 15’s thread. Not to excuse Park Shin Hye’s horrible screen kissing skills because they really are horrible , but the Korean news reported like a week or two ago that Lee Min Ho was battling a cold but working through it even though his mouth was covered in cold sores. I think questions are good. Perhaps I also went to all the wrong ones: But if that was the case, wouldn’t you kiss back more? YD will find ES probably bcz he understood she was not herself from the moment he saw her crying and KT telling him to take care of her. If she kissed him back she’d be a slut and not worth our hero’s affections.

I honestly fail to see why people find your questions so unpalatable, Ivoire. For instance, I wonder if the lives of the rich clans in Korea are really THAT bound by certain rules and routines that cannot be changed or disobeyed? He asks her to trust him no matter what he chooses: In the morning, Tan keeps a close eye on the front gate security feed. I think questions are good. I guess that just shows that someone has more experience in that department than others. But they are very few. Bo-na immediately calls him, and Eun-sang says something along the lines of “are you crazy?

I think it’s worth watching. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! But he lives under the constant shadow of his older half-brother, Kim Won Choi Jin Hyukwho is already an accomplished young executive 116 the family business.

Oh dear, how does it feel to kiss a ‘half-dead’ fish this time LMH? Just like doing math, learning to cook or playing the piano, practice makes perfect.

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Mom receives a flurry of text messages from people to whom she owed money, thanking her for paying back the loan. Where are you watching the show?

But then when I rewatched the ep. I mean, she doesn’t have to enjoy it but she shouldn’t look like she’s holding her breath and counting the minutes for it to be over. The way he just clutches his heart as he cries, too. Unfortunately one semi-dead fish kiss shb not enough to save the episode from total mediocrity.

Windsun33 – Maybe you’ve walked through different parks in Korean than I have. When I am not near u, the heirs episode 16 full movie eng sub don’t be hurt.

Are you thinking of another boss right now? Because Tan swooped in too quickly? I’ve shattered all my expectations for decent romance in Heirs. I’m actually fairly concerned for Park Shin-Hye and how she tends to respond physically.

I movi because she did not answer as most people wanted to respond to a kiss from Lee Min Ho, but is quite large compared to their old kisses progress, I’m also sure heira if PSH passionately kiss as many pretty boys she would be the most hated girl in Korea and all fans of the Hallyu wave, itself already has anti starring with them for only. Lyla December 4, at 4: You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. She does the same consistently in all her kisses What more do people want from her the heirs episode 16 full movie eng sub tongue?

Like Ivoire, I’m curious about many things that are related to Korean society, Korean culture and lifestyle. Shows You Might Like.

It is directed by Kang Shin Hyo. The truth is i dropped the drama after 2 episodes, but i continue reading the recaps. Also, I guess he’s already 18,in korean age. He’s an amazing kisser or Perhaps she was too shy to ask her co-stars help her in this area because kissing is something you do with someone you are really into.

Yes, the second way of ur interpretation is correct, I think. This other thing that I do not understand is that in my three years of participating on this blog, I have NEVER told anyone how they should participate on the blog, or how they should watch hekrs engage when they are watching a Korean programming. Well, not unless they were like Chan-young’s dad.

Ivoire November 30, the heirs episode 16 full movie eng sub 1: Here, the chaebol family is the issue at the core of this drama.

I know that Korea is still quite a conservative society despite all the economic progress and I’m guessing this conservatism persists to an even greater degree in rich families?

For one she would be surrounded by people. If u see Chan Young and Yoon as a father and son, aren’t they totally different than our main villain father n hero son or for that matter, Young Do and his judo-father?

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Girl, you are making my boy look like creep! Beeni November 28, at 9: Ever thought of that? Now I see some of them are over here trying to do the same thing to this forum-turn it into a YD fan page.

But she was clearly kissing him back.

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