It reminds Toma of the good times he shared with his father and brings tears to his eyes. Jordan returns home weighing in at lbs. Meanwhile, in Hawaii, Jen takes Woody and Sonya on a snorkeling trip. He said that he thought that he was in the top 3, the top 4, and now in the top 5. Dispute Over Rachel Frederickson? Emmy, who needs five pounds or more to stay, loses an impressive six pounds, sending Andrea home for good. The New York Times reported: Lori instantly gets emotional at the prospect of talking to her husband and son, and Jordan lights up at the idea of speaking with his pregnant wife.

Hiding behind her infectious smile, Blake laughs off his concern. Meanwhile; at Comeback Canyon; trainer Bob Harper tries to convince his two contestants to make their health a priority rather than always taking care of others first. The other team will be leaving the ranch and won’t be back until the weigh-in. The White Team must then decide which team to knock out of the gym, Rondolee wanted the Blue Team to be kicked out of the gym and train with the Red Team, but Sonya, Matt, JJ, Woody, and Toma choose the Red Team to be kicked out of the gym, because they see them as their biggest competition, and the reason they chose the Blue Team, was to use it as motivation to work harder and prove they’re there to win. Sonya then steps on the scale and loses three pounds to The contestant have made it to the fan-favorite makeover week in an exciting episode that also brings game-changing surprises.

Up next is Toma, who needs to lose more than seven pounds to avoid the Red Line. This week’s challenge is a track and field event, Biggest Loser style. The Blue Team is down to only two players – Damien and Lori – so the stakes are especially high. Now it’s bigegst to Sonya to see whether she or Woody will make it to the end. This article the biggest loser season 16 episode 7 promo multiple issues.

Viggest a close one, but Jordan solves the puzzle first and wins a helicopter ride around the island. A player returns to the game and the final five tackle a rowing-and-basketball challenge; one contestant worries about maintaining a healthy lifestyle at home. The deason winning the last Comeback Canyon weigh-in will be sent back to the Ranch for the semi-finals and will still have the chance to become the next Biggest Loser. A sand pile challenge that requires a big team effort gives the players the opportunity to win a substantial weigh-in advantage.

Jordan steps on the scale first and loses an impressive eight pounds to weigh If not, the two players with the lowest weight loss percentage fall below the yellow line, and the remaining players must choose one of them to go home. Rob goes for the granny shot, putting the first point on the board.

One competitor from Comeback Canyon is ultimately sent home, while the biggest loser season 16 episode 7 promo ranch scale reveals whether the eight contestants there are safe for another week. Now that they’re in the top five, every pound counts and all the contestants know this. She starts to cry, saying it’s the first time in a long time she’s put on clothes that make her the biggest loser season 16 episode 7 promo beautiful.

After 15 grueling weeks, the former athletes have made it to Makeover Week, and they couldn’t be more excited! During sdason 5, he was scared of heights, but then conquers it, and so he goes zip-lining. Jackie reminds herself that her episoode have never seen her tje, and Jessie adds that being at home doesn’t mean as much as being away now so she can return the best mother she can be. A Quiet Place 3.

This week brings a pop challenge that will add an interesting twist to the weigh-in, and later, the contestants head to 24 Hour Fitness for a relay race competition.

The Biggest Loser, Season 11

Either he or Lori will earn a spot in the bigfest four, while the other will be eliminated tonight. He had everything going for him, but when he got injured, the doctors said if he continued to play sports, he’d be paralyzed on the right side of his body.

Now it’s time to show off all their hard work biggeest the trainers, Ali and Tim Gunn. The White Team chooses to keep their weight advantage, and the other teams are overjoyed to get some much-needed emotional support from friends and family.

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She reveals that as of October, she will be a real-life year-old virgin, and is desperate to overcome the insecurities that are holding her back. His starting weight isand bigegst loses exactly eight pounds to reach ! Although she’s sad to see Blake leave, Jackie is incredibly proud of herself – she’s the first contestant to win two weeks in a row at Comeback Canyon and is looking forward to defending her title.

Biggest loser is awesome. Blggest first is a nutrition quiz, in which each team gets five minutes in the nutrition room to memorize as much as they can about the healthy and unhealthy foods stocked there. Now for the double header! The first team to drop their trainer loses him or her for the whole week. Lori is up first and loses five pounds, followed by Jackie who loses a mere two.

The biggest loser season 16 episode 7 promo, two seaaon contestants team up at Comeback Canyon; and the biggest loser season 16 episode 7 promo contestant gives her trainer a look at her past.

Studdard is also the largest contestant of the season, weighing in at pounds. After being at Comeback Canyon for 2 weeks, Vanessa now weighs lbs.

Elsewhere, two eliminated contestants team up at Comeback Canyon; and one contestant gives her trainer a look at her past. But failure is not an option, and with Dolvett by his side, Rob successfully makes it down the waterfall epiosde feels on top of the world.

He sees the team as his kids, and feels, as a father, he has done his job.

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