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Review. “Among India’s Mystics”. “His book tells the story of his search all over India and of his experiences and adventures among many who professed to be. Paul Brunton is the pen name of Raphael Hurst (21 October – 27 July ), a British theosophist and spiritualist. He is best known as one of the early popularizers of Neo-Hindu spiritualism in western esotericism, notably via his bestselling A Search in Secret India. 14 Jul Author: Brunton Paul Title: A search in secret India Year: Link download: This is the.

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Cultivate your inner self until you know it fully. But his descriptions of inner expe Q anyone seeking a spiritual teacher, or even anyone having found the right one, this story is incredibly moving. The Bruntom took me with him to a secreet in Cairo paul brunton a search in secret india conducted practical investigations, into magic, spiritualism, theosophy and the occult. But his next words reassure me: He recognized the name of Marakayar as being that of a famous Muhammedan faqueer who had recently died.

He often teaches through silence, but can also use sparce words in order to get to Brunton’s Soul and leave an indelible mark of LOVE nad Faith in him. Then you will write some strange records. The man sits like a carved rock and never moves.

My informant has earlier told me that the silent Sage is without doubt deeply immersed in an entranced communion wherein the human part of his nature is presumed to be sunk into temporary abeyance, and that he is quite unaware of his physical surroundings. Thereupon the man tells us a brief x story. Occasionally, a tear drop falls from his eyes.

Let it suffice that I find myself in a great room, which might be part of some Asiatic palace for indiz I know, so paul brunton a search in secret india is it furnished and so colourful are its gorgeous decorations.

Will the Sage give me such enlightenment as he thinks fit? Once I visit a place and stay there, however short a time, its spiritual atmo- sphere becomes greatly elevated. You never mistake yourself for some other person; so I cannot mistake who I am. Religious organizations become like archaeological departments trying to resuscitate the past. I ruminate upon the matter for the rest of the day.

Religion is their breath; it occupies their minds day and night.

The servant noiselessly enters the room and approaches the lacquered table. When I saw the cataract of credulity which covers bruhton many Eastern eyes, I thanked Heaven for such scientific training as the West has given me and for the common sense attitude which journalistic experience had instilled in me.

It is, no doubt, all-sufficient to an Oriental mind.

A Search In Secret India

With the closing of the outer door I leave behind the grey, bleak Western world. Go on with your meditations. Yet reading it again in it didn’t seem quite so special as I am now a different person-probably as a result of the journey to India that this book inspired In or thereabouts when I first read it. After a pause, he asks: Mahmoud Bey smiles triumphantly.

Vrunton, when I appear publicly I shall run down no existing religion, but then I paul brunton a search in secret india not uphold any brujton one. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Paul Brunton

But the attendant now comes up to us and whispers that it is useless to wait any longer. I prided myself that experience as a journalist fitted me to draw out, with the least possible delay, much of the information which I sought; that paul brunton a search in secret india at the editorial desk and curtly wielding the blue pencil had trained me to become ruthlessly critical in separating paul brunton a search in secret india from chaff; and that the contact with men and women in every grade of life which the profession generally gives, with ragged mendicants as well as well-fed millionaires, would help me searcy just a little more smoothly through the variegated masses of India, among whom I searched for those strange men, the Yogis.

He has loosed it from under his collar. For more info see. I will lead you, and follow none but me. I adjourn to one of the stone structures.

I pick one out and, as he proffers the light, he remarks: There is an innumerable crowd of mental acrobats and contortionists through which the seeker after pure spirituality must elbow his way.

Some delightful dishes are brought to the table, and it is here that I receive my initiation into the pleasures of curry, thus acquiring a taste which is never to leave me.

While we are waiting I decide to use the time to take a photograph or two of this impressive figure. He has been expecting you,” said the interpreter. I saw the small bungalow my father had inhabited, and I gazed up at towering Arunachala. By my material efforts and spiritual powers, I shall speedily bring the conflict to an abrupt end, thus restoring peace to all the nations.

A Search in Secret India

Brunton also runs across individuals who are able to do amazing things that are inconsistent with his knowledge of the world, but which his exhaustive investigations leave little room to dispute.

The rising moon is a thin crescent disc of silver light. It taught me never to permit my sympathy with Oriental methods of probing life’s mysteries, subvert my scientific desire of critically and impartially finding the facts.

Paul Brunton had lived in Switzerland for twenty years. For it is a quest for that India which is only secret because it is so sacred. Paul brunton a search in secret india you will find a totally different class of men. I charge them high fees, naturally. Even if I fail in such a quest, the journey will not be a bruntln one. I leave him to his lonely meditations, wrapped in his mantle of impenetrability.