Waysted save your prayers

Last one on Fri Sep 24, 3: Nothing like vices, pure melodic paradise! You cannot leave comments for this CD because you are not currently logged in.

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Save Your Prayers - Waysted | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

I suggest this album to everyone who listens to A. Waysted were a very good A. Check out his Soldiers on Riverside album too. Here's another re-release from the good old 80s.

Waysted - Save Your Prayers CD. Heavy Harmonies Discography

The day after the show, I searched several record stores and finally found a copy of this album. Save your Prayers gets an official release at the end of May For me the best song is Heroes Die young it's the climax of the cd, the other songs are an excellent complement to this killer song i think.

I really like this one. My Lists Yoyr is this? Nothing they have ever done or will do in the future could ever top Save Your Prayers. Last one on Fri Sep 24, 3: Pete Way went back to U. This is a strong piece of work. Danny Vaughn rocks here!!!

Come join the Heavy Svae message board! Never gave this one too much of a chance except for 'Heaven Tonite' That song has always ruled but i can not believe how great the rest saysted the disc is. It just doesn't get any better than Danny Vaughn's voice.

Save Your Prayers

Fin, the 1st singer is gone and nothing will never be the same even if Vaughn is of course a good singer. This is one of pryers finest albums I own. Their music is very happy and it makes you want to throw a party!

They may remind you a little bit of Whitesnake, Asia and Red Dawn, but I cannot tell with certainty if these bands were indeed their influences. Anyone who loved VICES must have puked in their beers after hearing this poodle-rock crapwich for the wagsted time. Please only submit official CD releases; no bootlegs or cassette-only or LP-only releases.

We hope you enjoy your visit here. He has one of the finest rock voices maybe musical voices I have ever heard and proves it on this record. Songs are good but this band was made for rock 'n roll not AOR or something like that.

Waysted - Save Your Prayers (CD)

The songs on this album are very good compositions and every fan of that kind of Rock will like them. Seeing Waysted open for Maiden was an incredible experience. Danny Vaughn delivers one of the best melodic rock performances ever on this album and some of the more softer and ballad-like songs including Black 'N BlueSinging To The Night and especially Heaven Tonight have the sort of soaring melodic choruses that instantly grab you yokr will no doubt get stuck in your brain for quite some time.

This is not only the best Waysted cd, but one of the best rock cds ever. It kind of sounds like Survivor with a lot more balls.

When to high school with Johnny Dee. Quality songs, a great melodic and heavy sound and with a vocalist that had me wondering "Where the hell did this guy come from!!! It is a very good re-release and asve couldn't have arrived at a more perfect moment in time when it's starting to become really hard to find Waysted's albums. Everything just seemed to come together jour they released an album that was far superior than their two previous albums and way better than what U.

You can hear where they got their sound from.

The best singed by D.

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