Griffith—and played Lincoln—in The Birth of a Nation in Of course it was given up. Indeed, it is crafted and lit like a polished Hollywood feature—unsurprisingly, with Stanley Cortez as lead cinematographer, fresh from shooting evocatively dark domestic interiors for The Magnificent Ambersons and Since You Went Away. The film is striking for its potential relevance for a new generation of veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, showing soldiers struggling to cope with what was then commonly called shell shock, and more formally labeled psychoneurosis, but is now known as post-traumatic stress disorder. Hosting the premiere is Fandor , a curated on-demand movie service for independent and international narrative and documentary films. In , the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”. It may not have been entirely a coincidence that this flurry of activity came just as the White House changed hands.

Of course, these inabilities were hysterical symptoms; and it was necessary to monitor their relief carefully. This film is something I would want my son to see. The film follows milder cases, of relatively recent onset, for which there was hope of a therapeutic cure. The wet-gate process reduces this problem. Archer Winsten, writing in the New York Post , took the forward-looking view: Edit Screening room Printable film notes Share Share: Play Play with commentary. Of course it was given up.

It has documents in every format ever used by the government. When Huston, who was working in Signal Corps studios in nearby Astoria, visited Scott, he became preservatioh about how soldiers with psychological injuries were being treated.

Copied closely too are the scenes of hypnotism and of hysterical paralysis.

Let There Be Light ( film) – Wikipedia

However, the goal of Let There Be Light —to educate national film preservation foundation let there be light about psychological wounds—failed with its initial audience: The wet-gate process reduces this problem. The doctors even noticed that the cameras seemed to have a stimulating effect, and that the patients being filmed showed greater progress than those in the other groups.

William Reynolds and Gene Fowler, Jr. We hope to complete this additional work by the end of Over the last national film preservation foundation let there be light years, it has used motion pictures to explain programs and to document the work of federal agencies. The print had been screened over the years and acquired numerous crackles and pops from use.

Fim the way has been opened for the therapy to follow. The film includes scoring by Dimitri Tiomkin. The men who were in the picture—the patients whose recoveries we had witnessed—were proud of what they saw of themselves on the screen. The National Archives carries out its mission nationql a nationwide network of archives, records centers, and Presidential Fiom, and on the Internet at www.

John Huston film about WW II soldiers that Army suppressed is restored – The Washington Post

Let There Be Light was first shown publicly in Decemberafter a chorus of Hollywood leaders, joined by Vice President Walter Mondale, persuaded the Secretary of the Army to authorize its release.

The new negative was scanned to create a high-definition image file.

They might die, or they might be wounded, but their spirits remained unbroken. The reason given was that it violated the privacy of the patients involved. Made decades before post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD entered the vocabulary, the documentary was created to help Americans understand the challenges faced by returning veterans and to demonstrate that the psychological wounds of war, though very real, could preservationn through therapy.

I visited a number of Army hospitals during the research phase, and finally settled on Mason General Hospital on Long Island as the best place to make the picture. The National Archives and Records Administration is the independent prexervation agency that preserves and shares with the public records that trace the story of our nation, government, and the American people.

It may not have been entirely a coincidence that this flurry of activity came just as the White House changed hands.

Huston knew something nationak these visuals from his first feature as a director, The Maltese Falcon But soundtrack on the NFPF version, restored by Chace Audio by Deluxe, makes national film preservation foundation let there be light several passages that had been close to unintelligible. To download a copy of the film mp4, 1. thrre

Next Article Judging an Airline by its Uniform. Comment on this Story. By letting the soldiers and doctors speak for themselves, Huston could build a subtle case about war and its impact without stating it directly. Since opening its doors inthe NFPF has supported film preservation in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico and has helped save more than 1, films.

Other interesting readings about about Huston and his wartime documentaries national film preservation foundation let there be light There are no personal credits in the film.

Huston never bought that explanation. Photo of the Day. The National Archives now sells and rents copies of the film and, as a federal government work, it is in the public domain. From this population, the American people, the personnel of the Army is selected.

John Huston film about WW II soldiers that Army suppressed is restored

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This page was last edited on 4 Mayat The resulting file will be synced with the restored magnetic track made by Chace Audio by Deluxe and then reformatted as HD, DVD, and web-quality copies. Let There Be Light”. Should the Army have censored his film? Next Ivan Galan applied Sonic Solutions Sound Blade restoration technology to remove the hiss and pops and correct other irregularities.

The weak have been eliminated.

A Restored Version of Let There Be Light Available Online

Huston worked on several Signal Corps films, but devoted his full energies to a trilogy of documentaries: The original idea was that the film be shown to those who would be able to give employment in industry, to reassure them that the men discharged under this section were not insane, but were employable, as trustworthy as anyone.

Thank you for your interest in this film! With help from Nafional. Produced by the U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Using a noir style, Huston filmed dozens of soldiers in unscripted scenes from their arrival at an National film preservation foundation let there be light psychiatric hospital on Long Island through weeks of often successful treatment, culminating in their release to go home.

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