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Hover over a thumbnail to enlarge it, or click to set the Timeline and the Currently Displayed Camera pane to the time stamp of the alert. In Ocularis Client Lite, with full interaction with the image displayed including playback, PTZ and carousel sequence controls. The presence of a picture from the last image captured can confuse an operator into thinking that the camera is still live. Ocularis Client Lite offers a browse view and a timeslice view to conduct investigations. An administration needs to connect to each recording server locally or through remote desktop tool and perform the upgrade.

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For live monitoring and investigations, we divide our answers into 2 sections: In some cases you may be prompted to download and install one or more auxiliary software applications typically.

The administration must remember to manually enable access for the new camera s. The system offers two export functions - one to AVI ocukaris another to a Milestone proprietary format. The system provides an icon in the upper right hand corner that launches a PDF document. This will populate the screen with thumbnails of the starting point or end point of each sequence for generating sequences forward and back in time, respectively. Draw a Motion Detection zone using the motion oxularis tool [ 4.

If needed, adjust the detection parameters and repeat the search. It requires the operator to set an 'interval' setting that defines how frequently a frame will be searched.

Ocularis Client Lite Manual

We encountered repeated usability challenges across almost all aspects of the system. In such a case, events will be displayed in first-in-first-out order, rotating between the different Push Video panes.

The Carousel Sequence controls; left to right: Set the display properties for quality and framerate. Once a change has been detected between two consecutive thumbnails, indicating that the incident has occurred in the time between the two frames, click on the first of the two if searching back in time; click in the second frame if clieny forward in time. The method of launching views and interacting with video is described in the following sections.

How do they work? However, since the controls on top disappear after 5 seconds, a user can be confused between which view they oculaeis in. It may take a short period for the video database lige parse and recorded video to be available for browsing.

Those who use touchscreens or are interested in using them for surveillance monitoring may find this valuable. It's a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Applying motion detection to recorded video 1. Page of Go.

However, because oculari controls disappear and because most controls depend on symbols, untrained operators are likely to be confused. This applies only to camera, push-video and carousel panes.

Click on a recipient to send live video; click-drag to scroll up and down the list. Web pages and images can be included in views as auxiliary resources. For example, set a clieent value or detecting a vehicle entering a detection region the size of a single parking space; this will prevent false detections of persons walking in the parking lot.

Ocularis Client Lite can accommodate multiple Push Video panes.

OnSSI Releases Upgrades to Ocularis Client Lite - tarjetasdecredito.pro

In this 17 minute video, we examine and demonstrate those issues. Global properties setup for Carousel panes 2. Ocularis Client Lite Views 2. Page 54 - Associating Outputs with Manual Control Earlier ina From the Image Server Administrator, the system offers 2 types of user administration: How the Ocularis Client Lite is the main differentiator and what it looks like.

To continue, click on either the Back or Forward buttons to present the next set of sequences.

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