From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The first season follows the Cleaver boys as they get in and out of boyhood scrapes and face their father for moral lectures or more serious discipline regarding their mistakes and misadventures. Ward takes Beaver to Linda’s house and makes him go inside. She assures him he’ll find a nice girl his own age. And why did he always wear a suit to dinner? Wally acts as Beaver’s “guardian” in court so Beaver won’t have to tell his father about the incident. Beaver confesses and Ward is disappointed he wasn’t consulted.

Beaver says his father is better at telling him what not to do rather than what to do. Eddie Marr as Water Dept. The boys sell all the perfume. TV Guide dubbed the show “the sleeper of the season”. ABC picked it up and ran it for an additional 5 years. Ward takes Beaver to Linda’s house and makes him go inside. With Wally’s help, he concocts a letter from “Mrs.

Then, the leave it to beaver season 1 episode 7 crack a window in the car door with their baseball and roll the window down, hoping the damage won’t be noticed immediately.

The Donaldsons leave their cat Puff Puff in the care of the boys for a few days. Ward decides Beaver should learn to defend himself and begins boxing lessons in the garage. The boys borrow from their school savings accounts and leave school to secretly buy their father a hunting jacket. Beaver’s balloon is burst when he learns the garnets are not precious jewels but the worthless kind used for making sandpaper.

Wally decides to go to a dance without a date but Mary Ellen Rogers has different plans for him. In dire need of money for baseball uniforms, Wally Tony Dow and Beaver Jerry Mathers seek out odd jobs around the neighborhood.

Jack Kelk as Mr. Ward and June help out with the workload. Violet Rutherford would be played in lewve episodes by Veronica Cartwright.

Leave It to Beaver

t The brothers strike a middle ground: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Johnny Franklin, a former student at Wally’s school, visits the Cleavers during his break at military academy. Brown, Francis De Sales as Mr. Few people know that Leave it to Beaver was the first American television show broadcast behind the Leave it to beaver season 1 episode 7 Curtain — perhaps part of the reason for so many references to God, Sunday School, Breaking Bread, etc.

Ward buys the boys a new bicycle. Bennett arrives at the Cleaver house, and grows distressed when Poncho cannot be found. Most of the scripts are the work of the show’s creators, Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher, with occasional contributions from other writers.

Ward prepares to apologize to Beaver. When beqver girls want to play a kissing game called “post office”, Beaver scoots off to another part of the house where Mr. The next day, when Ward takes the family on an outing, the boys find the damage repaired.

Leave It to Beaver – Season 1, Episode 7: Water, Anyone? Discussion –

Buddy Hart’s first appearance as Chester Anderson. Barbara Billingsley as June.

Ward tells her the boys made the spots when they left their tent in the storm and carried their sleeping bags up to their bedroom. He tries to retrieve it later, but fails.

Gus tells him to put talcum powder on the rabbits and the mother won’t notice the human odor.

Ward Cleaver” assuring his teacher he’s been punished for his offense. When he doesn’t return, June, furious, presses Ward to seasom a search. ABC picked it up and ran it for an additional 5 years. Whitey is called ‘Harold’ in this episode.

The New Leave It to Beaver: S1 E7 – The Piano Lesson

June discovers the remains of four candy bars under his pillow and Ward leavee Larry has simply overeaten. Ward agrees to consider an application. Wally tries to tell Mrs.

Later, when Wally attends a scout meeting, Beaver goes to bed early, using Wally’s official scout sleeping bag in preparation for the day when he’ll be a scout. Beaver is knocked to the floor by a punching bag.

Water Anyone?

The characters are not shown. Larry has a stomach ache. First appearance for Rusty Stevens as Larry Mondello, although Larry Mondello has been mentioned in previous episodes and Rusty Stevens has been seen in school crowd scenes.

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