Meanwhile, Kendall and Kylie decide to film a family music video. Retrieved December 12, Kim also notices her budding friendship with Corey and confronts her about it. Kylie launches her first solo project, her hair extension line, but when the media asks her about her lips; Kylie feels insecure when she reveals she had temporary lip fillers. Kendall starts planning for her 18th birthday celebration and Kris and Bruce clash when Kendall expresses her desire on moving out. Meanwhile Kim feels violated when some unflattering photos of her in Mexico surface on the Internet.

Meanwhile, the family gangs up on Kim, claiming she’s not joining in the family quality time. Rob admits to Kourtney why they don’t hang out anymore, which is because of Scott. A baby shower is planned for Rob and Chyna, but a fight ruins the occasion; Kris gets in a car accident. Archived from the original on July 17, Scott’s behavior takes a turn for the worse after he learns that Kourtney has a boyfriend. Why Await Life’s End 6 days ago 6 days ago. After this incident, Kim swears that she will never get another injection. Retrieved October 20,

She sets up an interview where she and her kids ask her mother questions. Kylie launches her first solo project, her hair extension line, but when the media asks her about her lips; Kylie feels insecure when she reveals she had temporary lip fillers. Meanwhile, Kris ponders managing the pop band Kardasgiansand after she decides, she wonders if she made the wrong decision.

Season 5 Episode Guide. Watch Blindspot Season 1 Episode Kardashixns from the original on The fifth season begins with Kim reluctantly hosting a housewarming party in her new home after her mom talks her into it. Kourtney hires Keeping up with the kardashians season 5 episode 10 as her manager after Magazine asks her to do a cover shoot.

Watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 5 Episode 10 – Online Tv Series

Kris’ toilet troubles affects her family, mainly Kourtney. Bruce encourages Brody for a golf tournament.

Retrieved November 29, As Mason goes in for his 6-month check-up, Kourtney realizes she needs one other child so her children might be shut in age like she and Kim had been, however when she obsesses about getting pregna Meanwhile, Bruce struggles with getting his dog neutered.

Meanwhile, Kourtney gives Scott an ultimatum and Kris asks Bruce for his stepdaughter Kim’s hand in marriage. After the keeping up with the kardashians season 5 episode 10 of his engagement, Rob has another piece of news that will change the family forever; Kylie struggles with anxiety from being in the spotlight.

Season 5, Episode 11 October 24, Kim helps Bruce spend his money wisely. Meanwhile, Bruce receives a fashion makeover.

Kourtney wants to discover why Kylie is acting distant. Ready Player One 6. Kris imposes strict guidelines for her mom kardxshians follow in her new condo.

Unhappy about getting older, Kris hires a personal trainer, Storm, to help her get back into shape. Kris is preparing to launch her talk show and asks for everyone’s support. Kris tries to show Kim that she still has what it takes to be a good mom and manager.

Kris finds it hard to be back in the dating scene after 25 years. Bruce tries to get Kris to sign his son, Brandon, to her music-management company; Kourtney rebuffs Scott’s romantic gestures; Kris attempts to get the whole family to play tennis.

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Scott starts taking karate lessons. When he finds out, he leaves his son Brody Jenner to look after Kylie and Kendall while he heads to Mexico to confront them. Retrieved March 1, Archived from the original on July 29, Kim meets football star Miles Austin. The family flies to St. Kris comes up with a creative way to preserve her memory long after she’s gone.

Kris is confused when Kendall starts spending more time with the Jenner side of the family. Retrieved March 20, Bruce struggles with Kylie wearing “grownup” clothes and too much makeup for her age. Kris acts as the minister for her minister’s wedding.

Scott fails to take Kourtney’s pregnancy seriously, so she threatens to end their relationship. Bruce is anxious to talk to Kendall and Kylie about his colonoscopy.

Rob and Adrienne encounter problems when they move in together. Kris believes her meltdown might have something to do with the upcoming anniversary of Robert Kardashian’s death. Season 5, Episode 2 August 29,

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