Despite its polarizing finale, How I Met Your Mother made us laugh for almost a decade and cemented its place in the cultural lexicon. This very funny instalment is so memorable though as it introduced not one, but two recurring elements to the show. Season 2, episode 9 Every group of friends has its inside jokes, and this season 2 standout debuted two of the best recurring elements of the show: Best Barney episode by far, genius plays in the playbook, nonstop laughs. Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a way nobody else has. Ted discovers he has a lot in common with this mystery woman, but only gets a glimpse of her foot. Season 3, episode 9 The third slap of the bet!

The list you’re viewing is made up of episodes like Come On and Last Words. It was the final piece of a very complex puzzle. But he did find one love, and that was his child. Also, this is where Marshall who turns everything into a song finds out he passed the bar exam. There was an all-too-rare Marshall and Robin subplot about a dance-off, Barney tried to convince Ted to go to Robots Versus Wrestlers with him, and there was an appearance from Coat Check Girl. No Tomorrow Mar 17 Ted lives like there’s no tomorrow during a St.

All that and we got another Robin Sparkles music video and it did not disappoint!

This is an episode about the scariness of moving on. The idea of the naked man is very funny. Terrible ending on the show’s epispdes She was mine too. After learning that her little-visited apartment has been transformed into a Chinese restaurant, Lily officially moves in with Ted and Marshall.

Watching Ted go through this difficult realization was a great and unexpected honest moment. This random little thing becomes a joke throughout the episode, as the gang continually refers to Barney as Swarley and he gets more and more upset.

They want to remember the how i met your mother best episodes ever so they don’t exchange last names or numbers; but Ted takes a big fall when he tries to find out her name. Barney and Ted offer to keep MacLaren’s open during a blizzard so they can meet up with some college girls. Season 3, episode 12 St. Marshall is in the middle of trying to find a new job, and puts all of his effort into finding the best burger he had when he first moved to NYC.

Game Night Feb 27 – A mysterious tape arrives for Barney from one of his numerous ex-girlfriends, and the entire gang watches it. The legendary playboy was falling for a girl, one girl. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. Ted repeatedly asked out his dermatologist, Stella, and she how i met your mother best episodes ever refused.

Best How I Met Your Mother Episodes: List of Funniest Episodes of HIMYM

Which makes Ted and Tracy’s love so amazing. There’s never gonna be an episode like this again. You are now a registered user of NYMag. She loves being involved with Her Campus Iowa and is currently co-director of their social media. Marshall makes an appointment with Stella and finds out that she does like Ted. Season 5, episode 1 The back half of the show was dominated by Robin and Barney.

But, in order for them all to find out how she broke Barney’s heart and made him HIMYM is no stranger to list-style episodes, and this is one of its best: There was a lot of backlash against this one, which I think was unjustified. And it all was fantastic. This episode helps the audience get to know and care about Tracy as a character after how i met your mother best episodes ever years of buildup.

The blue french horn isn’t the only thing between Robin and Ted; it is their love.

It originally aired on October 22, This is the time Marshall and How i met your mother best episodes ever were married for 12 seconds. Cue meaningful look to Robin. As much as HIMYM was built on optimism and happy endings, it always did disappointments exceedingly well. The story is all in a flashback, talking about him and his 20 to something-year-old friends as they live in New York City.

It represents everything that makes them a couple. But what starts out as a cheeky deconstruction of alternate timelines soon becomes something more, and it gives fans their first real clue to the Mother’s fate.

Lily and Robin start following his trail after discovering that And Barney and Robin married literally the episode before and then the writers just divorced them! Meanwhile, Ted gets one step closer to meeting The Fver Nov 16 After his relationship with Robin ends, Barney dusts off his “playbook” to help him back into the dating scene.

Season 2, episode 8 This is the time Marshall and Lily were married for 12 seconds. How I Met Your Mother is a show about the relationships — platonic how i met your mother best episodes ever otherwise — and it was in this incredibly difficult character moment that we were reminded that friends who make you laugh are important and those who can be there when you cry are priceless.

How I Met Your Mother’s top 10 episodes

Jour Party Apr 09 Robin attends Lily’s bridal shower and finds the episodss that she brought is out of place. Girls versus Suits – S05E It didn’t make me laugh once in the whole episode! It is the most legendary episode of the show. But when Ted asks her how i met your mother best episodes ever after the last session, she still declines. Barney playing out the Playbook with tactics like pretending to be a mopey Ted or a scuba diver are fun to watch and a welcome return to Old Barney after getting a taste of Relationship Barney.

We get to see how i met your mother best episodes ever plays in action as he explains them to his friends, ending each scenario with a wink to the viewers. I get tears every time I hear Marshall’s dad finally say something when they were listening to his voicemail. Tick Tick Tick Nov 14 Barney and Robin find themselves in an uncomfortable situation when they hide a secret from their significant others.

Not only does it give us Robin Sparkles, it epidodes us the infamous slap bet that continues throughout the show.

The Best How I Met Your Mother Episodes

This episode is pointless to me. Just such a beautiful moment when Ted and Robin kiss in her apartment after he how i met your mother best episodes ever the rain man The only thing in between Robin and Ted was a stupid blue french horn. The gang then hits the streets of Manhattan Ted, under the bad advice of Barney episods in a bid to make Robin jealous, turns up with a woman called Mary, who may be a lady of the night, or maybe just a paralegal. Subway Wars Oct 11 When the gang teases Robin about not being a real New Yorker, she sets out to prove them wrong by racing to catch a glimpse of Woody Allen.

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