The woman and the tree appear and attempts to take the Black Camellia. While thinking this offer over, he loses the box and has to go halfway around the world in order to retrieve it, though by the time he gets back to the mansion its already dark out. Before and after the commercial break, there is a unique eyecatch each time. The anime series was released in Japan in a set of 13 DVD compilation volumes between July 25, , and July 25, Nagi runs outs with tears and found out despite his endless bad luck, Hayate still had some good luck in him as a ball acted as a bumper and saved him from certain death. Nagi decides to help the alien, Maya, to find its misplaced spaceship. A fourth anime series titled Hayate the Combat Butler:

After seeing the beautiful sight of the city at night, Hinagiku finally realizes that she is in love with Hayate. Hayate is ambushed by Isumi’s butlers and the loan sharks from the first two episodes. Rika Takahashi Disc Authoring: Just like the previous Christmas party, Nagi escapes – this time with Hayate. It’s Hakuou Academy’s culture festival time and Hayate is kept busy by the students and teachers. Ayumu thanks Hinagiku for helping her; leading Hinagiku to think that Ayumu and Hayate are a couple now. Mike Brooks as Klaus Seishirou Animax dub.

Osamu Horiuchi Chief Animation Director: Hayate ‘ s 3rd Season After Summer Movie”.

Survival Action Anime Sep 29, On the way the school, Hayate and Nagi bump into Hinagiku, who is worried about her sister after she gave her New Year’s allowance. Back at the video store, Nagi starts crying, and Saki yelled at Wataru for picking on Nagi. A convenient invitation from Sakuya to a cruise on ainmeseason familiar-looking ship Titanic gives her the perfect opportunity to set this plan into motion.

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When Isumi falls along with Wataru, Hayate catches both of them. Gilbert’s partner is a new and improved Eight, and he chooses Hinagiku as Hayate’s partner believing she is “fragile”. Mitsuo Iwata as Akane Himegami. Nagi, still in her hypnotic state, helps organize the second day of the school festival with the help of Superintendent Kirika.

Retrieved May 6, While talking eipsode Sakuya, Hayate remembers his past fallout with his first girlfriend Athena a long time ago.

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Our full report from the premiere of My Hero Academia: They warm up some Nikuman to eat but overcook it. Hayate wards off the turtle, hearing Hayate say their names made Nagi and Ayumu believe Hayate ‘recovered’ his memories.

At the Aizawa mansion, Chiharu as Haru is teaching Sakuya to be modest.

Ji-Yeon Seo as Maria. Cuties TV 12 eps Next, Miki shows them some eggs she’s waiting to be hatch, however Hayate corrects her that unfertilized eggs will never hatch.

John Ledford Additional Translation: Later at night, Maria is seeing Hayate and Nagi enjoying the fireworks show, until a little flying cockroach landed on her, and she froze episde fear for a while. BrylleNoGotoku cr points Send Message: After they arrived at the Kendo Club, the Kendo students noticed that Hayate and Hinagiku were talking to each other while they were training and find Hayate suspicious, when he is challenged by someone in the club. Unable to leave when it starts raining, Nagi manages to have Ruri confess that her true intention is to obtain the elusive “Black Camellia”, a treasure believed to be in possession hayate no gotoku season 2 episode 1 animeseason the Sanzenin family and Nagi asks her grandfather by phone about it.

Hayate the Combat Butler (TV)

She believes she has no experience being lazy and staying in all the time, despite being rich and thus not having any problems living. Mikako Takahashi as Ayumu Nishizawa. Hayate is attacked mercilessly by her until he decides to fight back and she starts crying, which is later revealed as just a trick for him to open his guard. Ayumu reveals about Hayate’s parents to Hinagiku. As Nagi worries about the children, Sakuya tells Hayate that if Nagi hears the truth about the two thieves, she’ll get hurt.

At the end hayate no gotoku season 2 episode 1 animeseason the day, Nagi gives Hayate her fiery wrath when he showed her the photo references he took, which are mostly pictures of him and Maria having fun together. Yumiko Kobayashi as Duel Butler ep 29 Poemi ep Episode Lyu Novel 1 Jul 9, While Hayate and Nagi are having romantic time fishing in Nagi’s mind on a boat, the lord of the lake overturns their boat.

Yoshihide Mukai Clean-Up Animation: The easily-bored Konata never finds time to study because of her otaku habits, which frustrates hard-working Kagami to no end. This method of censoring references has followed onto the English translation of the manga. Tired after a day’s work, Nagi decides to take a nap even though Sakuya’s birthday party is that same evening.

A fourth anime series titled Hayate no gotoku season 2 episode 1 animeseason the Combat Butler: Ryoko Nashimoto Sound Producer: Dragon Pilot Premiere Jul 8, Ayumu tells Hayate the story about how that her school is cursed by the spirit of the dead manager.

Hayate can see what will happen if Nagi doesn’t want to give up her estate in the future, and he defeats Gilbert with one kick. Maria explains how Nagi developed an inferiority complex due to her short height causing her to frown most of the time. The next morning, Nagi wonders who Hayate loves more so she asks him and he responded that he likes playing with Isumi and Sakuya.

Nagi starts crying because of Hayate, as she wanted hayate no gotoku season 2 episode 1 animeseason go walking with him really badly.

Jeong-Hwa Yang as Hayate Ayasaki. I hope CR can upload that ep. Armageddon quickly tackles onto Fumi, just as they leave Athena signs she likes Armageddon, and Fumi responds he likes her too because of her ringlet-shaped hair. She became upset when Ayumu asked if she had a mother. After seeing the beautiful sight of the city at night, Hinagiku finally realizes that hayate no gotoku season 2 episode 1 animeseason is in love with Hayate.

Lelouch of the Rebellion R2.

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Janice Williams Production manager: Hayate attempts to study the rest of the day for the exam the next day, however Maria warns that he should not stress himself too much.

However, things turn bad when a Mecha programmed by Shiori goes crazy. Maria walks in and thinks it’s great that Hayate can stay at the mansion now.

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