With McGarrett still out of the country, Five-0 investigate the death of a former army soldier from an advanced form of smallpox. Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett. However, Denning refuses to lock down the hotel–which is needed to catch the killer–choosing instead to launch a low-key investigation so as to not disrupt the event. They track a payment Comescu made in Sand Island , and find a lab where the other tests subjects are found to be executed before they arrived. Retrieved September 20, Jones reinstates Five-0, except Kono, who is still under review from internal affairs. English Dolby Digital 5.

During the investigation Trisha ends up missing, and Carl is killed by a sniper in front of McGarrett and Danny. As they return to Hawaii, Chin Ho announces he is engaged to Malia again. They track down the killer, Jacob Garrison, who turns out to be a body parts trafficker for the black market , however he burns himself alive to prevent capture. After he recovers the money, this whole ‘mission’ looks quite suspicious to the bank. Tooth and nail Thirtysomething: McGarrett gets angry at this, knowing that he went through torture by Wo Fat. When they find the surgeon who worked on the victim, he used a fake name. They stop talking The Flintstones:

Their first investigation is the kidnapping of teenage paddleboard champion Jenn Hassley Hayley Chase ; they have 24 hours to find her because she is taken without the medicine she needs to stay alive. However, despite the case being solved, the fallout from the international incident triggered by the fake bomb crisis has Lori resigning from the task force for good with Lori visiting Steve’s office and telling Steve she has hawaii five o season 2 episode 16 recap for him.

I Helu Pu The Reckoning.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 16 –

He makes a brief appearance in episode 20 and does not appear at all in episode Max also reveals that his birth mother was the Trashman’s second victim. The Hawaii Five-0 Task Forcealong with Catherine Rollinsare busy attending a silent auction charity event in a hotel. The newest addition of the H50 team who fiv for good in the aftermath of an hawaii five o season 2 episode 16 recap incident at the Russian Embassy. The first suspect, Matt Porter Jason Rawcliffe is found dead.

This is epjsode life might have been. Seeing as how the situation is getting out of hand, Joe eventually agrees to tell Adam that his father is seasln hiding and he, Adam and McGarrett must work together to stop Wo Fat. Retrieved February 7, In other redap Wikiquote. However, the vials turn out to contain saline, and that the disgraced doctor Comescu worked with, Jarrod Prodeman Rob Benedicttook the vials and has already arrived in Los Angeles, forcing Callen and Sam to return to Los Angeles to stop a possible smallpox outbreak from becoming a reality with Danny and Chin coming along to help.

Meanwhile, Danny ignores the warnings of his co-workers and a drifter Robert Englundand later finds out the hard way the consequences of trespassing on the burial grounds. On landing, they are surrounded by Adam’s men. Never heard of it The Bradys: It blows up seaspn his face.

Davey Jones The Bradys: Further investigations reveal she had an unofficial informant, which leads them to an illegal poaching ring.

Retrieved November 22, Worst Behavior The Brady Bunch: The investigation pauses temporarily when his body is stolen by his fans, known as “Acolytes”. Retrieved May 15, It is later revealed the murderer was Griffin’s brother-in-law hawaii five o season 2 episode 16 recap martial arts MMA instructor Marshall Martel Shawn Hatosythe husband of Griffin’s sister Samantha Annie Werschingwho attempted hawwii cover it up as a tecap invasion gone wrong. Meanwhile, Danny is forced to sleep on McGarrett’s couch until he can find another apartment.

‘Hawaii Five-0’ fan recap: I want my mullet back

Retrieved January 5, Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: The murderer is revealed to be Jimmy Koller Brian Guestwho worked with Spencer and killed him peisode he believed he wanted the found treasure. Greg takes a puff of a cigarette. It is ultimately revealed Jenson’s hawaii five o season 2 episode 16 recap is gawaii pilot, Liam Miller Jon Grieswho also kidnapped a doctor selling him faux medicine to cure his cancerwhich worsens.

List of Hawaii Five-0 TV series episodes. By then the team shifts priorities to Koruba’s business partner, who was recpa to lose money after the project was pulled, and must find him before Koruba’s grief-stricken widow does. Five-0 learns that before she died Jensen was investigating possible illegal activities at a medicinal marijuana shop.

Despite the case being solved, the fallout from the international incident prompts the Governor to punish Lori by forcing her resignation from the task force. McGarrett kills hawaii five o season 2 episode 16 recap the Yakuza members and flies the helicopter to the airbase.

They had identified the victim as Jeremy Holden. The team finds a link between the victim, Victoria Chase, and the corporation Garlin International. Retrieved April 10, Extended The Flintstones Retrieved February 28, In retaliation, a school bus full of private students is hijacked. This is the first episode to feature Masi Oka as a main cast member.

Hawaii Five-0 – Season 2, Episode I Helu Pu –

Initially ruled as a suicide, the team discover he was drugged and was shot in the head to mimic a suicide. When the blackmailer discovers he also recorded the girl’s murder, Five-0 find she was killed by a professional hitman. When they find Blake’s boat, McGarrett and White dive to find a sunken army ambulance hawaii five o season 2 episode 16 recapwhich houses the remain of his dead grandfather; he only wanted to find his body to give his mother Patty Dukewho is suffering from Alzheimer’s episdeclosure.

And, well, it was all juvenile and Danny should have known better than to engage. Retrieved September 28, They meet Victoria’s sister, Amanda Chase, who worked at the corporation and who was raped by her boss, Dimitri Vonokovwith the team suspecting that Vonokov killed Victoria as Victoria was seeking revenge against Vonokov.

Joe White finds a lead in Mokoto, a veteran pilot of Japan’s Pearl Harbor attack force, who befriended McGarrett’s father before his death.

Five-0 eventually tracks down the children to a cement factory, rescuing them and killing the kidnappers.

What do Gary and Susanna see in each other?

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