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Walt receives a warning from a mysterious source. Walt gets an email from someone claiming to be a time traveler warning him to stay away from mangoes due to his severe poison ivy reaction. July 11, August 15, by reppmc Categories: February 14, February 15, by tellemstevedavewiki Categories:

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July 19, by reppmc Categories: Rob Bruce was saved by an angel following a car crash. Relative Blood — 4. Bry reveals that he never learned to crawl and went straight from immobile to tearing around the house.

Walt accuses Gitem of sabotaging the computer system to ensure he is still needed. Walt tries oveerkill figure out who in his life fit those four titles.

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Ming has an overkill topic about Chinese Ant Eating therapy which is said to have brought the Ming Dynasty emperor a long life.

Walt wants to put the richest people faces on the money since they have the most of it. During a Casper read Gitem reveals he prefers to sleep on his couch than go upstairs to sleep in his King size bed. Walt would call Kev to tell him to get in front of the situation. EpisodeMust listen! Bry has a prophetic dream where a coworker steals money from the restaurant he worked at, the next night it came true.

Tell 'Em Steve-Dave! Overkill - The Zune Years

Bry and Kev talk about the time they went to an all nude strip club to get autographed polaroids from the girls and how they left a spit filled condom inside an ATM machine leading to Kev being brought into the police station the next day.

Audio from the TESD livestream and then some extra.

Bonus PodOverkill 1 Comment. August 2, by reppmc Categories: Bry brings an overkill topic about a missing girl who reappears hundreds of miles away carrying a newspaper from the future after possibly being abducted by aliens.

Evoker — Here Comes the Metric System.

Ghost hunter Hannah is a cleansing expert using white sage to get rid of ghosts. Walt shares his new idea of rebranding the Baron with the hopes of becoming as big as Svenghoulie or Overkikl. Walt bemoans his flat backside, wishes he could have more junk in the trunk.

You do not want to miss this! July 27, April 12, by reppmc Categories: The top tier are the Priest, the Prince, the King, and the Mage.

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Q misses the point of a museum. He also has a jersey devil sighting early in the morning driving kverkill a forest road to the flea market. Walt discusses an awkward encounter with a male masseuse at the mall. Click the link to vote!

Rob Bruce also has 3 hours of missing time he claims could be alien related. Sunday Jeff has a story about a man who received a donated heart falls in love with the mans widow and ends up tewd the same way as the first man. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Q points out that the veracity of the video could come into question with how often Walt talks about getting rich and making the clip go viral.

Q maintains this explains alot. Q mistakes Hessian soldiers for Haitian soldiers. Walt receives a warning from a mysterious source. Mike and Ming are the bad boys of pocasting, as in they are bad at it. Walt claims to have never been exposed to mangoes before, but then just six days after receiving kverkill warning is offered mango cheesecake.

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