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Likewise for the many possible ways to generate small caps fonts. Fontname 1 assignments are shown in brackets in the following table, from the file variant. These variants indicating Greek and Cyrillic fonts, respectively are obsolete; future fonts in different scripts should be assigned an appropriate encoding abbreviation.

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The following sections define various encodings as PostScript encoding vectors. Font name listsPrevious: These files can be installed in the Dvips header directory and then used in psfonts.

Apple fontsUp: Once we allow ourselves long names, we can construct a naming scheme to handle arbitrary fonts without much difficulty. Having two names which differ only in case is undesirable, since it results in clashes on common Windows filesystems.

This makes at most eight-character names from almost arbitrarily complex font names, thus helping portability of TeX documents.

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In my opinion, the increased range does not make up for the unreadability of the common sizes e. Font name listsUp: TeX base encoding B. Variants include typeface variations e.

Apple fontsPrevious: You should use the supplier letter which matches the supplier you obtained the font from, not the original source; for example, Avant Garde was designed kabelittcbybt Herb Lubalin for ITC, but Adobe also sells it. Here is the table from the file supplier. Each line consists of an abbreviation, directory name, and comment. Eight characters is not enough to unambiguously represent all fonts.

For fonts that are distributed without any specific attribution to the creator, by individuals, or by small foundries. Naming specific characters is a tangled and difficult area. This helps conserve abbreviations.

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Bitstream fontsPrevious: Also, when combined with a consistent naming scheme, macros could be written to access any of a number of fonts. This is used for several different but very rare variants: TeX Directory Structure standard:. Linotype fontsUp: Many people have contributed to this work. To do that, we have to allow ourselves arbitrarily long names. TeX math symbol encoding B. Extra information on the line is ignored; then more information could be specified for the benefit of DVI-reading programs in the same file.

This is Fontname, a naming scheme for the base part of external TeX font filenames. Here is the table, from the file width. The file has a straightforward format: General indexPrevious: Adobe standard encoding B. If the supplier is missing, i. ITC fontsUp:

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