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Improved window resize handling - press CRTL-key on resize to reduce the window size below the minimum size. Support for translucent popup menus. In Synthetica the JTabbedPane handling is a bit special because Synthatica is able to modify children opacity.

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The splitpane divider isn't properly centered when divider size is changed dynamically. Scroll pane corner component position is not correct under some rare circumstances customized themes.

Improved XML loading mechanism and performance. Improved file chooser - if a directory is specified, the last used directory will not be restored automatically.

Synthetica Plain Screenshots

Fixed bugs Expanded splitpane jsva centered one touch expandable buttons becomes resized when frame is resized. New UI-property to control color caching of Synthetica's default table cell renderer - customization.

The 'Dark Look and Feel' can not be used standalone without Synthetica and is distributed under a commercial license.

Support for backgroundimage-pattern for desktop panes. The 'GreenDream Look and Feel' can not be used standalone without Synthetica and is distributed under a commercial license.

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jaga The example below demonstrates a borderless, non-opaque textarea which can be used as a multiline label: Rotated progressbar text for indeterminate progressbars appears twice Java 6 only. Java and all Java-based marks are trademarks or registered trademarks of Oracle in the U. Improved menu item UI-delegates. LAF Switching during runtime to non-Synthtica look and feels can cause transparent menus and disappearing window decoration.

Citate from Alex from Sun: Separate style for toolbar buttons. A separate menuBar background image for synhtetica windows can now be specified. Improved RTL component orientation support. Improved tabbed pane painter to support more complex styles.

Synthetica Themes Example - IT GREEN ZONE

User setting of divider size JSplitPane isn't respected. User setting of title foreground color isn't respected. Synthetica provides an optional DesktopManager with can be set to improve dragging performance especially on legacy hardware - see synthetcia below. The 'Classy Look and Feel' can not be used snythetica without Synthetica and is distributed under a commercial license.

Added selection border for listcells. New, optional scrollpane layout mananger to modify scrollbar position - see customization. Start your application with the argument -Dsynthetica. I added the Synthetica.

Better support for UIManager defaults. Exception when file chooser is used within an applet Java 6 related issue. Fixed bugs Depending on the used theme table row height is incorrect if syntheitca scaling is enabled. Predefined UI-properties get lost on look and feel change. You can enable the icon usage by setting the UI-property Synthetica.

Synthetica - Java Look And Feel

Enhanced painters for better support of third party components - like JIDE. The example below demonstrates the usage. Hava setBackground issue for TextFields. Why switching look and feel during runtime can cause problems?

Sometimes index out of array exception when opening FileChooser.

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