Young adz hella things

This blog will probably move and get a facelift some time… read more. Check more are adz lyrics at Lyrics. So, this past weekend, we played our last gig with our long-time drummer, Dustin Ragland. I am about to attempt something unprecedented, at least in my world.

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East London ting

It feels… read more. I am looking to my iPod to help me achieve certain objectives…to help me reach maximum enjoyment… read more. My relationship with said album has become ada complicated in the ensuing years, but I can say… read more. So, maybe some of you were surprised at how excited I was to complete and post a video on YouTube at the end of last week. Chip is the artist formerly known as Chipmunk and he has dropped his third zdz album.

Now, Purity Ring has entered the electronic music scene with their debut album Shrinesand have packed a new punch into the body of modern music. Listen to our session with St. What I love about these clips are the way people deal with being put on the spot. I started gasping for air, forgot that I'm s I am not a… read more.

Okay, so I had a thinvs the other day while I was grocery shopping. When did I become shut off, closed off enough that the pure, magical beauty of a musical… read more. They've been playing a blend of Americana, folk, rock, and jazz in the Duluth area since and recently released their first album, Callused.

General Info info doctorpants. Hey folks…there will be a video update soon, but until then, go to the Little Weasel Page for the latest on where we are in our process of bringing you… read more. Not sure which one to choose? The Age Of Adz.

So, this last weekend K. At least, as boss as it could be having been there for less than 24 hours. I can picture myself reaching […]. Some of you may be unaware that I have been pursuing a Masters degree in Music Composition at the University of Central Oklahoma for the last two years.

Listen to our session with Iowa folk singer, who is originally from Minnesota, Lojo Russo, from August 31, So, I discovered a band the other day. I will… read more.

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Paul based Americana band, Expatriate, on August 23, AJ has thkngs real […]. First of all, my apologies for the long gap in between blog entries.

Look for part 2 later this week. Although, I have not personally heard the album yet, I hellw heard three joints off […]. So, this is volume one of the Soundtrack Spotlight series, where I pick a year of my life and create a new mixtape of some of the things I was… read more. Already Gone September 7, 9: Would you the fans rather be referred to collectively as Pantaloons or Little Weasels?

I wanted to make it more focused, easier to navigate…it was as if I… read more. I have a teenage son who tells… read more. Got a hundred toung movin' on the road Which way they 're gonna go?

Okay, so Christmas music is something that tends to polarize people.

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